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Sizing and Counting of Nano & Micron Scaled Particles

Sizing and Counting of Nano Scaled Particles

The U-SMPS System and Promo® LED 2000

Research Matters

Particles smaller than 0.1 µm have a significant impact not only on health, but also on a wide range of environmental processes such as particulate matter and cloud formation.

Their formation and their effects have long been the focus of scientific attention. For this purpose, systems of different technologies are used for direct or indirect measurement of particle size and concentration. 

The U-SMPS system manufactured by Palas® in Germany meet the diverse normative and technological requirements and have been used successfully for many years in aerosol research and by official measurement networks or private companies.

  • Measurement range (size): from 4 nm up to 1.2 µm  
  • Measurement range (number CN): 0 –108 particles/cm3

Versatile and Interchangeable

The U-SMPS System is defined by
  • Continuous and fast-scanning principle of measurement 
  • Systems can be combined and interchanged with each other, thus enabling exact adaptation to the respective application and customer requirements. 
  • Open architecture and the interfaces allow third-party systems to be connected in parallel or exclusively to measure the number concentration for comparison
  • Supports multiple interfaces and remote access 
All that means
  • Low maintenance
  • Reliable functions
  • Low operating costs

Promo® LED 2000

Promo® LED 2000 is a 90° scattered light aerosol spectrometer for particle size analysis and concentration determination.

Promo® LED sensors allow reliable measurement in the concentration range from < 1 particle/cm 3 to 106 particles/cm3 in gases.

The powerful LED light source offers an especially long service life and maximum stability in particle size analysis. Thus, the advantages of the white light source with 90° scattered light detection in the measurement of particle size and concentration are implemented.

  • Measuring range (size): 0.145 – 100 µm
  • Measurement range (number CN): 0 –106 particles/cm3

Perfect Duo: U-Range

The Palas® U-RANGE combines two systems for the continuous measurement of airborne particles in the size range of 4 nm to 40 μm (depending on the configuration).

Accurate size determination and reliable performance are extremely important in applications involving the U-RANGE. All components are required to pass strict quality assurance testing and are assembled in‐house.

  • Particle size distributions from 4 nm to 40 μm
  • Additional determination of PM fractions (e.g. PM2.5, PM10 )
  • Continuous and fast-scanning principle of measurement

Also available with Fidas® 200 and U-SMPS System.

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