Air Quality Forum 2024

Understanding the New European Air Quality Guideline and Its Implications​

Air Quality Forum 2024

The New European Air Quality Directive and Its Implications​

In response to the newly enacted European air quality directive, the Air Quality Forum 2024, held in Brussels from October 7-9, brings together global experts to dissect and discuss its impact.

Engage with thought leaders and decision-makers to gain a deeper understanding of the directive and its implications for industries and communities alike, ensuring you stay informed and prepared for future regulations.

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When: October 7-9, 2024

Where: Brussels, Belgium 

Of Interest for Everybody

Target Audience

The Air Quality Forum 2024 is designed for a diverse group of professionals and stakeholders who are directly impacted by or interested in environmental and air quality standards. This includes:

  • Environmental Scientists and Researchers — Gain insights into the latest air quality research and technological advancements.
  • Policy Makers and Government Officials — Discuss and shape future environmental policies and regulations.
  • Industry Representatives — Learn about new compliance requirements and innovative solutions for reducing emissions.
  • Public Health Professionals — Explore the connections between air quality and public health to better advise on health policies.
  • Environmental Advocacy Groups — Engage with like-minded professionals and leaders to drive environmental change.

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As experts in aerosol technology, Palas GmbH possesses extensive knowledge and connections in the field of air quality. Therefore, we are committed to fostering dialogue and connecting the right people. Together, we can make an impact and create cleaner, healthier air.

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