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For 4o years, we have been experts in aerosol technology, from generation and measurement to characterization of airborne particles. We strive to offer you the best-in-class solutions. Benefit from our know-how and continuous innovation. And if you have requirements that our test rigs cannot meet, we love the challenge of developing a tailored solution.

We manufacture all products at our headquarters in Karlsruhe. Additionally, we have a very robust supply chain. That, combined with our wealth of experience, enables us to develop and produce test rigs according to customer's requirements.
Dr. Maximilian Weiß
Managing Director

HEPA / ULPA Filters – General Ventilation Filters – Protective Masks – Room Air Filters – Cabin Air Filters – Compressed Air Filters – Oil Separators – Vacuum Cleaner Filters. 

We test all kinds of filter material, no matter what size.

Also, we test according to or even better than most standards, e.g., ISO 11155-1, ASHRAE 52.2, ISO 5011, ISO 16890, ISO 29463-3, EN 1822-3 (HEPA), ISO 29463-3 (HEPA), EN 779 EN 1822…

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Palas® test rigs to test filter and filter media

To reliably determine the quality and efficiency of filter elements, it is important to test energy consumption (pressure drop), loading, and particle separation efficiency in addition to total penetration.

Precise measurement requires adjustment of the measuring channel to the size of the filter element in terms of flow control and aerosol distribution. Learn more about our product range for various applications:

Case study

Developing test rigs according to customer's requirements

Testing compressed air filters at 7 bar overpressure

09 January 2023

In collaboration with Ehrler Prüftechnik Engineering, Palas GmbH developed a unique test stand for the German Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology (IUTA) to precisely test large-scale air filters. Leveraging this experience, Palas® introduced the DFP 3000, an advanced system offering automated measurements for air filters under pressure, surpassing ISO 12500 standards.

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