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Our mission

On the road to improved air quality - sustainable and innovative

Improving air quality, not only in cities worldwide but also in industrial areas, for example by addressing road traffic is our mission. By deploying environmentally sensitive traffic management systems along with solutions for industrial areas, we aim to help you take the right steps towards cleaner air.

Our approach supports to manage current air quality guidelines and future standards. In doing so, we combine the capabilities of two renowned experts, from technical know-how to planning and implementation expertise. Our commitment is to contribute significantly to sustainable urbanization.

Strategic partnership of two experts – one solution

Together hand in hand

Bosch and Palas, two experienced partners, collaborate with specialized integrators to support cities and industrial areas in improving air quality. Together, they enable a sustainable improvement in air quality.

Palas uses its experience as a measurement technology company to provide reliable and precise air quality data.

Bosch contributes with cloud services for data acquisition and device management for air quality measurement boxes by Palas. As well as its environmentally sensitive traffic management, which provides accurate traffic emission data in real time and its air quality dispersion modeling, which permits tailored and sustainable measures at hotspots subject to increased pollution load.


Our scope of applications

Managing air quality is essential for city governments as well as operators of industrial areas.

Palas ECoB offers a solution for environmentally sensitive traffic management and fence-line monitoring for industry. Both applications require implementation processes such as hotspot identification, simulation, planning of measurement locations, integration & deployment, and operation in order to optimize results, i.e. air quality.

Environmentally sensitive traffic management

Environmentally sensitive traffic management delivers precise real-time traffic emission data, evaluates traffic's impact on overall emissions, enabling reduction via targeted control, e.g., traffic light adjustments.

Fenceline monitoring & industry

Fenceline monitoring and air surveillance offer benefits beyond compliance: they protect worker health, avoid penalties, boost community relations, and identify efficiency improvements.

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Combining precise measuring instruments with powerful cloud solution

Combining the competencies of a global corporation and a highly specialized medium-sized company allows to master even a complex task such as environmentally sensitive traffic management based on valid air quality data. Palas and Bosch offer a comprehensive portfolio of complementary and coordinated products and services – from simulation to continuous air quality monitoring.

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